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Genealogical Tree
of the Ghika Family
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the Ghika & the History
Genealogical Trees
of the Related Families
 The writing of the Tree does not follow the guidelines of the usual genealogy programs, as we have found these somewhat cumbersome and restrictive  as regards the trees of large families. We have selected instead an original way of writing which allows total liberty in storing and presenting data.
 The selected presentation aims at offering the reader a "visual" document, easy to consult and showing the development of each Branch; it should also highlight each generation through the descendants.
 All offspring of couples having borne the Ghika (Ghyka) name will be shown, including the girls. However, the development of the Branch will only indicate the male descendants.
 We have not always respected the chronological order in which the children were born, so as to make the best of the allotted surface and thus limit the horizontal development (it takes enough space as it is!)
 Two types of reading are possible:
    - Tree page: full Tree format .pdf (landscape viewing).
    - Index page: partial excerpts by Reigning Prince or Branch.
   In both cases Adobe Acrobat Reader software (free software) is requested.
 Notes to simplify the consultation and location of the various pages:
   - vertically: generations 1 to 15. First page of the Tree and on each page of excerpts by Branch;
   - horizontally: same numbers on excerpts by Branch;

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