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Welcome to the family site!

Dear friends,

            Our goal is to provide the descendants as well as the friends of the GHIKA family of Romania with all the data that, in all modesty, we have gathered regarding our ancestors, those people who, for centuries, have forged this great family and are part of our Country's History.

      As we are neither historians nor specialists in Genealogy or Heraldry, the family Tree which we have created is inevitably incomplete and is not, by any means, error free. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate if you could amend it and also complete it with your knowledge and personal stories, so that it becomes a reliable and up-to-date document for all of us.

       We shall accept all contributions, amendments and complements; we also endeavour to take them into account in our constant updating of the site.

     This site is a family affair; it is not for profit and we cannot and do not wish to stand in for the historians, writers or researchers who have worked at it (and who, moreover, are not always in agreement over their findings and conclusions).

      Last precision: all contributions to the development and updating of the Tree will only be accepted through the use of the participation - inscription form, which will enable us to both identify the contributor and check the reliability of his sources.

Mona and Florian Budu-Ghyka 

Genealogical Tree's and WebSite's Authors 


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